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    How active can you be on…

    I would but Teen Wolf is taking up my world so I thought I’d broadcast this for others!

  2. FYI, Harrison Xu (who played the gaysian Ian fucked in Shameless) said that he was not given any type of cock sock or covering. So his dick was just flopping about in that scene. He also said that when he auditioned, he had to act out the scene (as it was shown on the show) in front of the interviewers. I just thought you would want to know.

    I didn’t want to know that.  I NEEDED TO KNOW THAT.

    Thank you!

    I think dylan will stay for the first half and then he's gone to do the next maze runner movie, especially if he's getting millions of dollars more for this sequel, he's like ✌ MTV.

    So if all goes well with TMR they’ll start shooting at the end of October.  Now the first shoot was 2months, but this will be a sequel with a bigger budget so I definitely think it’s slated to be at least 3 - 4 months of shooting.  

    Teen Wolf has to start shooting in December to take advantage of their tax credit so what they might do is send Stiles off somewhere (walkabout) and then come back, but the end of 5a.  I don’t know man, someone’s gonna get the pointy end of that stick, it’ll be interesting to see who.

  3. Love Iran’s face is all “… Oh Mickey. *smh*”

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  4. ficcindylan:



    From All The Dead Boys Carter Smith. (NSFW)


    Not sure how to feel about Colton doing modeling while made up as a ghost/corpse. His look here was inspired by a ghost in One for Sorrow by Christopher Barzak.

    Love it! I am so here for this weird in the flesh undercover nerd thing he has going on. Uggh, so perf.

  5. Anonymous
    Everytime I see the maze runner commercial I'm like I wonder what Jeff's face is gonna look like when that movie is #1 at the box office next month.

    Oh Anon, he will come in his pants and then expect to have Dylan for all of season five and then Fox will give him a call and suddenly Malia will be the teen wolf.

    I see wanna see Braeden twerk on Derek, Jeff is forgiven for all his wrong doings (which lbr there are loads) if he lets me have this one thing

    I just don’t see how that would happen unless when he was dying he gave him the twerk of life and now I need this to happen.

    On another note - I binge watched The Originals and I kinda love it. This makes my third CW show, along with Arrow and The Flash. If you see me discussing another CW show, I want you to intervene immediately. And also, you should watch all three of those shows. Issac's dad is the Flash's dad and I found Malia's dad on The Originals. I can't believe that Daniel Sharman is playing a witch. His porcelain skin screams sun-deprived vamp, although some vamps can day walk on The Originals.

    I actually think I would like TO, but I wanted Isaac as a vampire.  Also, lol that Papa Tate is a vamper.  I best he and Peter are the ones who had the affair and there’s some mpreg involved.


    Tumblr makes me feel SO old because I swear I can never figure out how to respond to things properly. In light of that, I'm using an ask to mention that I IMMEDIATELY thought of the members of our beloved crack ship when I saw that picture because I knew everyone would get a kick out of it. Cody is a bit of a two face. Some pics are good and then there's this pic. Also - STEFFIE FOR LIFE!!!



    But yeah, Cody’s got… ~angles.

  6. Fifty Shades of Grey: Sterek trailer

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