1. jamiesugah:

    So I no longer write for the site.

    I’d rather not talk about it, I’m still emotional about it, but I wanted you guys to know.

    And now all of my articles are attributed to someone else.

    So trife, you’re better than all this drama.  Great luck in your next endeavor which will rock!

  2. zakichu:



    … He is making some very good points.

    “Four legged boobs.”

    nigahiga spittin straight wisdom

    Because women don’t generally want to harass, molest, rape or sexually abuse men for having the nerve to show their bodies.  

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  3. I’m just saying.  I will follow them all.

  4. fictionalmasterpiece:

    Wow look at that display of pack loyalty. She’s such an awesome character, how could you not like her?

    But seriously, how could anyone like this character? Is her rudeness supposed to be cute and awesome? She is blatantly disrespectful. This whole “Oh I’m just getting trying to get accustomed to human life” excuse is just dumb. She’s able to be in a romantic relationship, deal with severe life and death situations, go to regular high school and be in a math class with genius Lydia Martin but they still use the excuse of “she’s not use to this”? She is this rude and doesn’t know even know that Abraham Lincoln is the president that said the Gettysburg Address but she can do all that other stuff.

    Then there’s this force feeding of Stalia. The whole marker/yarn parallel was the most forced and unnecessary parallel I have ever seen on any show and that’s saying a lot because I watch a lot of shows. Did they think that by putting her with one of the most loved characters we would love her as well? The whole “this is progress” line that Stiles keeps repeating is getting really old. I have never had this much character hate but this is just getting ridiculous. I hope that at the end of this season she becomes loyal to Peter so that I don’t have to see her be the worst “member” of the McCall pack I’ve ever seen. If she was a villain her rudeness wouldn’t bother me.


    Also, loving staliaistrash! LOL, I’m so petty.

  5. madeupmonkeyshit:

when you see a fat ass

I don’t know what is happening here.  But I love it.


    when you see a fat ass

    I don’t know what is happening here.  But I love it.


  7. my descent into the world of fanfiction has taken me into a downward spiral over the past 4 months and it was spent solely on teen wolf but ive rid myself of such fanfiction and went straight to supernatural and game of thrones because ive come to believe the only true ships are destiel and Stackson because sterek can't compare to Coltonj Haynes & the Misha Collins. currently reading 'uprising' by Metallic_shadows it is 1m words and is keeping me from reading game of thrones soo .. good luck.

    Ha!  I don’t do any other shows.  Funny thing is that I love the concept and fandomry of Destiel and Wincest, I honestly don’t ship anyone on that show.  Sometimes Dean/Cassie because Momo loves it, but otherwise I just can’t see them boys doing it for each other.  

    I tried reading some Loras/Oberyn and it was okay, but just too out of my element.  I wanted to like it but couldn’t.  I think I’m a TDubs girl through and through.

    Hi there! I have a question about the Teen Wolf article you just reblogged. Do you believe Teen Wolf has been truly inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community? Is a little representation that isn't truly representation better than no representation at all?

    I put it out there for thought. My opinions on it are going to be in tomorrow’s Meme column on the site.


    lenoirauteur bhadpodcast

    Waiting with bated breath for this.

    I’m honestly of the mind that while not on screen, the show has paved the way for being the number one employer of lgbtq in the area. Just ask Jeff, he’ll tell you all about it. Especially in regards to casting. Just look at how many guys Jeff has saved from porn. If only he and Brett Corrigan would have met sooner.

  8. "does he get that look in his eyes when he’s with you?”

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  9. I just saw that gif set of steter office au and I need to know what movie ian bohen was in to produce something like that and I need to know now so i can watch the hell out of that thing and forever be indebted to him for his very existence. because seriously! I don't want to have to look on wiki or imdb cause I have fan fiction to read and don't intend on searching for the next 2 hours for a movie that's probably 90 minutes so I place my faith in you.

    Don’t worry Jazz, I got you!

    I’m 92% sure that those gifs are from a combination of The Internship and Chicago Fire.  He looks SO good in that suit.

    I recently wrote a drabble where Derek has a dildo that he uses on Stiles and he’s forced to call it Peter Hale.  There’s a back story and I’m expanding it.  I think I’m going to use Peter in an Office AU to explain the origins of the bet Derek lost.

    What are you reading?!  I’ve been gorging on fic and I need more!!